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What is Mohs Surgery?

Mohs Micrographic Surgery is a specialized surgical technique in removing skin cancers. 

The difference between regular surgical excision and Mohs surgery is two-fold:

1. With regular excision, your surgeon is separate from the pathologist: the surgeon removes the specimen & sends it to another doctor to examine. With Mohs surgery, the Mohs surgeon is both surgeon & pathologist. The Mohs surgeon knows exactly where the skin cancer is still positive. This results in a higher clinicopathologic correlation.

2. With regular surgery, to ensure that the margins are clear using frozen section, the specimen is cut like a bread-loaf and only 1% of the specimen is actually seen under the microscope. In comparison, with Mohs surgery, the specimen is cut "en-face"  or horizontally. This ensures that 100% of the specimen is visualized under the microscope.