Dim-Jamora Dermatology

The Medical City, Room 1610, Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City
Makati Medical Center Room 133, Makati City, Philippines
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Dermatology is an exciting field that is continuously evolving. Listed below are some of the Services offered at Dim-Jamora Dermatology Clinic:

Skin Cancer Screening: the whole body is examined from head to toe for suspicious lesions. A dermatoscope (medical device to see the features of an abnormal lesion) may be used prior to a recommendation for observation or biopsy. Results are kept electronically for ease of referral and record management. Currently, Dr. Dim-Jamora is one of a handful of dermatologists trained in the screening for skin cancer in Caucasian and Asian Skin. 

See Dr. Jamora talk about skin cancer on a public service show: https://youtu.be/15uJ9iNXg0E

Skin Cancer Surgery (Mohs Micrographic Surgery): a specialized technique in removing skin cancer that results in the highest cure rate. Your dermatologist is both the surgeon and the pathologist. This technique involves the layer by layer removal of skin cancer.  Repair is done right after complete removal of the skin cancer.  95% of the time, the procedure is done under local anesthesia. This means you may go home after the procedure.

Skin Checks for Abnormal Moles: Comprehensive skin examination includes checking the skin from head to toe: the nails, scalp, hair and mucous membranes too. Extra attention is given to growths and areas of pigmentation such as moles that may lead to potential issues. Areas with itchiness, pain, discomfort, heat or reduced sensation is usually correlated with the medical history of the patient. Dermoscopy is a tool used in the comprehensive skin examination of patients. Whether you have brown or light skin, everyone can benefit by having your moles checked once a year.

You may also have an optional scanning called The Visia Facial Skin Analysis. This is a report that captures key visual information for eight areas affecting facial skin health and appearance. These eight areas are wrinkles, spots, texture, pores, brown spots (related to sun exposure), porphyrins (evidence of bacteria in pores), red areas and UV spots (skin damage due to overexposure to the sun). By comparing these information against a standard database, the Visia Skin Analysis, which is provided to patients, enables the Dermatologist to present the optimal treatments and skin care options which are tailored for them.

Mole Removal: removal of suspicious moles under local anesthesia

Cryotherapy: treatment of benign and precancerous skin growths

Excision of Benign and Cancerous Growth: surgical excision of growths using local anesthesia. Sedation may be done if necessary.

Acne Treatments and Chemical Peels for acne and uneven skin: a combination  of topical therapy as well as chemical peels, Obagi blue peel, microdermabrasion, and acne surgery. Oral medications may be prescribed.

Scar Treatments: a multi-modality treatment which may include chemical peels, fillers, subcision, dermabrasion, punch excision, fractionated Erbium -YAG laser and scar revision under local anesthetic.

Treatment for Axillary Sweating: a step-wise regimen which may include topical therapy, botulinum toxin A  injection, or subcutaneous currettage of the sweat glands. All on outpatient basis.

Toxin and Fillers: rejuvenation of the skin with botulinum toxin A injections and soft-tissue fillers  for Facial Wrinkles

Lip Rejuvenation: to give you younger-looking lips,  non-permanent fillers contour flat lips and chemical peels reduce lip lines, giving you ooh-la-la-lips

Microneedling: for pigmentation and scars

Removal of Varicose Veins: treatment varies depending on the size of the veins. This includes laser vein removal using the Candela V-Beam Laser, sclerotherapy, ambulatory phlebectomy, and medical compression. 

Laser Hair Reduction, Laser Removal of Tattoos, Laser removal of stretch marks & scars:: using the best lasers for Asian Skin to remove hair, tattoo and to decrease stretchmarks & scars

Pearly Penile Papules Laser Treatment: scarless treatment using Erbium YAG laser. It is a painless procedure using topical anesthetic and injectable local anesthesia. You go home after the procedure.

Nail Surgery: treatment of ingrown nail, pincer nail and nail growths using partial nail avulsion, nail biopsy and nail surgery under a local anesthetic.